I live in a right to work state of FL, the HR mgr told me they are looking to fire me because another job called to interview me

The company I work for has an accountant running the 3 person HR team for 400 people.They are a multi million dollar company.The HR mgr told me yesterday that the company is looking to fire me because another potential employer called my work phone to set-up an interview.My company listens to all phone conversations and records all internet usage.The director takes only some people out to dinner and throws parties and only some people are invited.They took me off of chat because they said I was behind,yet my survey scores are 7th from the top out of 35.I asked where do you measure if I'm behind.My manager said, this is based off the team lead telling my boss that I ask a lot of questions. My degree is in finance, not computers. Because I'm female, on Fridays I'm not allowed to wear shorts.

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Steven Greg Wenzel

Steven Greg Wenzel

Employment / Labor Attorney - Tampa, FL

There are several things worth investigating. One of them is a statute which prohibits employers from listening in on personal call. Doesn't sound like you're a call center operator where the rules are different

Jimmy Allen Davis

Jimmy Allen Davis

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Deltona, FL

You may be terminated in this state if your current employer finds out you are seeking a position with another company. There is nothing illegal about that.

There is nothing illegal about management favoring certain workers over others in social gatherings. They have the right to grant or restrict access to internal software based on performance issues. Your degree is irrelevant as to whether you can perform your job or not. Termination for an inability to operate a computer in a manner which your job requires is also legal.

In general, a company may impose upon its workers a dress code. That ability is very flexible as well (consider workplaces like Hooters as an example.) The law imposes limits on this of course, but an inability to wear shorts on Friday probably does not cross the line.

Nothing you have mentioned so far seems to rise to the level of a lawsuit. Perhaps you could provide more information as to why you believe you may have a case.

Practically speaking, I recommend that you consider obtaining a position elsewhere. It is likely that your employer is now trying to box you in until they can terminate your position.

Best of luck to you.

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Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall

Administrative Law Lawyer - Pasadena, CA

If an employer learns that the employee is job-shopping and trying to find other employment, it is is common for the employer to terminate the employee. That is not an unlawful termination.

It is not unlawful for an employer or some managers of an employer to socialize with some employees but not all.

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