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I live in a home and the landlord is asking us to pay cash w/no receipt. I have found out she has 2 properties as horse rentals.

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She said she does not want to claim " income " and if we do not comply she will evict . The home is under a 1st time buyers mortgage ( her daughter , who signed her a quit claim deed ) to get better rates . The 1 property next to us she has done this with for approx - 8 years . The 2 properties are both rented as we live in one . my CPA says no cash w / o receipt . I feel this income tax evasion . We are going to send the " check " as always certified mail on the 1st of march . We are planning to contest the eviction " if " she goes threw with it What can we do ? Ty

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If you are sending a personal check, make a photocopy of it first and then send it certified mail.
Keep the photocopy of the check and the green and white certified receipt.
If the landlord files a lawsuit based on non-payment of rent, you have a defense of payment.
Are you on a month-to-month basis, or are you renting for a term such as one year?
The landlord can terminate the month-to-month if she wishes.

Good luck.

Heather Morcroft

Heather Morcroft


I would add that if she requires you to pay cash you can refuse to do so without a receipt. A money order or a cashier's check are the equivalent of cash but provide you with a paper trail. She sounds like a piece of work. You may want to consider moving in any case.


If you were really vindictive, you could report her to the IRS. If they wound up recovering monies, you would get a reward of some percentage, I believe.

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