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I live here in California once I file for divorce can I move to Mexico

Ontario, CA |
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I'm looking into filing for a divorce from my husband of 18 years we have no children we are home owners but i want nothing only to walk away from the marriage in peace once i file can I relocate to mexico

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Absolutely, even without getting divorced you are free to live whereever you like, that is what is great about our country. The only thing stopping you would be any legal debts you may have here in the states and that would be a civil suit. However, I urge you to please sit down with a local attny and go over your options with even a little work a good attny can get you a fairly quick settlement that is more than zero. take care.

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Yes. However, you may want to have someone working with you and your husband to get the divorce finalized. Once you file, you must serve your husband. He then has 30 days to respond. In order to file his response, he must serve you. So he will have to know where to serve you. If you prefer he not know where you are, you may want to hire an attorney or do this through mediation so that you can move on in peace. In order to complete your divorce, you and your husband will have to also file financial disclosures and judgment documents. It is easiest when you are around to sign everything.

You may want to talk to either a mediator or an attorney willing to prepare all of the documents before you leave. It would likely be far less expensive and far less time consuming.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Since the information provided in your question is very limited and I have not had an opportunity to review all relevant facts, information, and documents, you should not rely on any specific responses to your questions. The information offered here is general in nature given that the slightest bit of additional information could change a specific answer (i.e. we separated 1 year ago and he has been paying all my expenses. Q: Do I owe him that money back? A: Yes. But what if he used money from a community asset, like a retirement account, to pay it back. A: maybe some or maybe none). In short, consult an attorney to review all relevant information so s/he can properly and accurately advise you. This free service IS NOT a substitute for legal advice and should not be considered legal advice at all.

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