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I lied on a second statement on a crime i didn't commit now i gotta go to policr ststion to talk to them what can i do

Muleshoe, TX |

I have never been in trouble before i was accused of theft i have two statememrs my first one telling them i didn't do anything but after they made me say i had something to do with it so i cpuld leave bc my mother in law was dying i did i had to go they didn't arrast mr but I'm suppose to go the police to talk yo them i gotta tell them i lied on the seconf statement because

I didn't do it it'd over thst someone broke into the store thst workef at but they usrd my codes n everyone knowsei iy in the management teami was in a different town what can i do
I had no keys to get into the store at all what do i do

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Next time, seek legal advice BEFORE you confess

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You absolutely need to talk to a lawyer before you give the police a third statement. Period.

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No suspect is ever "required" to talk to the police about the suspected crime. Suspects have rights under the US Constitution, the Texas Constitution, and the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure to refuse to speak with law enforcement officers about a crime that they are suspected of committing. You really need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer ASAP.

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