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I let my friend borrow my car and he got into an accident but its not his fault because someone else hit him. Who is liable?

Aiken, SC |

I let my friend borrow my car and I was not in it and he got into an accident. He was not the cause of the accident because the person in the other car ran into him and we have a police report that backs up that statement. My car has not major damage. However, I just wanted to know will the person who hit my car still be liable for it , eventhough I was not in my car?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Fault is not always determined by the police report but based upon the limited facts you have given you may be in the clear. I assume your vehicle has insurance too?

  2. If the facts are as you say the other driver should be liable however if he is uninsured collecting could be a problem unless you have insurance .

  3. It should not matter that you were not driving your car if your goal is to hold the person who hit your car laible for damage to your car.

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