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I left on probation in 2011 for a felony, Im finally back ready to turn myself in and I have 4 warrants, will myprobation extend

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I left bc of a bad drug habit l got from prescription pain pills from accidents that got out of control and led to cocaine and IV drug use and the theft and criminal activity kept on to support my habit. I never ment for my boyfriend and his family to get manipulated by me and so on it went and around aug of 2011 my dad commited sucided and I was sectioned to the 5th floor for a bit only to get out and start back up on my check writing and cocaine binging until I found I was pregnant and I had to leave MA. Only other family I had was down south so I left if I hadn't of I would have died or killed my unborn baby. I did pay my boyfriend a large sum of money to cover the bank withdrawals for the bad checks. Hes still w me to this day I want to turn myself in. I have legal issues in NC now too

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Very doubtful your "probation will extend". Too much water under the bridge. You will in all likelihood be taken into custody. retain counsel or get a PD when you appear. Delay will only worsen the situation.

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DO NOT DELAY. Meet with an attorney asap to review your criminal record, your open cases/warrants, and your probation matters. While anything is possible, you will likely be brought into custody...

good luck

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I agree that you need to take care of these warrants as quickly as possible. What happens with your probation depends a lot on your record and your present ability to make restitution (if you haven't already done so), but walking in on these warrants or getting a lawyer to assist you in answering them will go a long way toward making the best argument to the court that you should get another chance or avoid incarceration. Even if you can't afford an attorney you probably have a good shot of qualifying for a court appointed attorney and you shouldn't delay trying to take care of this. Good luck.

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