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I left my wife 20 yrs ago, filed papers, couldnt find her to sign, I didnt know there was more to do. I thought we were divorced

Green Bay, WI |

I assumed we were divorced and remarried 8 yrs ago to the love of my life. I found out Im not divorced. We were married for about a month if my memory serves right. I found her on facebook and talked, she wont sign unless I give her 2 grand. I dont have that. Shes treatening me with lawyers and bringing it to the news. I live in Wisconsin and she lives in Tennessee. So two questions, What do I do with the first wife to divorce and can I get into trouble for being remarried. Ive had no contact with the first wife in 20 yrs. I truely didnt know I was still married.

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    You need to contact a family law attorney and proceed with a divorce against your first wife. Your current marriage is void under Wisconsin law.

  2. First, I would suggest contacting an attorney in your area because the law changes from state to state. However, if you are still married to your first wife then your second marriage is void and is not valid in the eyes of the law. You will need to get a divorce from your first wife and then get remarried to your spouse now in order for it to be valid. It does not matter that you thought you were divorced because in reality you were not. Contact a family law attorney in your area. I hope this helps!

  3. You could be criminally charged, you need to seek legal help ASAP.
    I would look for someone that does both Divorce/Family Law and Criminal Law so that they have contacts in both areas.

    Good luck with your circumstance.

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