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I just went to admin sep. board, have 17 years sevice, recieved general discharge, under honorable, what benifits/ compensation

Fort Lewis, WA |

just wonderingg what i keep

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  1. Here's a comprehensive chart:

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  2. You will keep most benefits. However, your GI Bill may be in jeopardy. More times then not the VA will reject your educational benefits because you did not receive a honorable discharge. I advise you to make all claims with VA and see if they reject claim. If they reject you can always appeal.

  3. There are literally dozens of possible benefits. Check with the VA. Remember that any benefits during a term of service that ended with an Honorable Discharge are not lost.

  4. TDS has a form that gives you a summary of all the Benny's you keep. If you have 17 years in you probably have a number of good enlistments already behind you so you should retain what you earned from them like gi bill. When you out process you will receive a briefing on this subject. You can also talk with any of the NCOs at JBLM TDS, they know this stuff