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I just recieved a letter from the OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE

Charleston, IL |

Order Rescinded ..Type DHFS FAMILY SUSPENSION Effective date 3/18/13 you are here by notified that pursuant to the Illinois vehicle code , the notice/order indicated above was removed from your driving record and rescinded on 3-13-13 my question is does that means that The order was removed from your driving record and done away with which means MY DL IS NOW VALID IN THE SYSTEM???

Attorney Answers 3

  1. You should call your local DMV office to confirm, but based on what you've set forth, your driving privileges were restored effective March 13th. Again, double-check with the local DMV office before driving!

    Good luck!

    This response is being provided for information purposes only and does not constitute an attorney client relationship. Furthermore, I am only licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois. While there are oftentimes similarities between States' laws, there can also be large differences. You should not rely on this response as legal advice and are highly encouraged to speak to an attorney licensed in your State for an accurate legal answer.

  2. Yes
    Check it out at the DMV, but...

    The wise words of Mr. Thomas sound right.

    Be careful out there.

  3. Yes. Contact SOS to be certain but it seems like you are gold. Make sure there is not reinstatement fee. Best wishes.