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I just recently found out that my husband has a child support order against him. How can I legally obtain a copy of that order?

Milwaukee, WI |

My husband and I are both being garnished for credit cards that we owned separately. The cc company stated that they can no longer garnish my husband's wages due to a child support garnishment on his paycheck because it would exceed the maximum%. My husband states that he never received a child support order, and has alway been faithful. What can I do legally? Our local Child Support Agency won't provide me any information because I'm not a "participating party".

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You could try going to the state court website to see if there is a support order listed under your husband's name. You could also ask your husband to show you a copy of his credit report and see if a child support order is listed.

    You could ask your husband for a copy of his wage statement and see what is being garnished and to whom the garnishment is being sent.

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