I just received what I feel was a ridiculous reckless driving citation in Brooklyn.

Asked about 2 years ago - Brooklyn, NY

I was following an unmarked squad with 3 officers inside through the housing projects in Red Hook, and they slowed to the point where they were only going 5-10 mph. Believing they were going to stop, I went ahead and went around them on a surface street with double yellow lines. I accelerated quickly but don't believe I exceeded the 30 mph limit. They pulled me over, they were clearly very unhappy. They asked me if I had been drinking, I had had one half full shot of Jack Daniels about half an hour earlier and that was it. They ordered me out of the vehicle and gave me a pat down, and proceeded to search the vehicle even though I can't imagine on what basis they could have had probable cause to do the search. They asked me if I had ever been arrested, and I replied that I ha

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had, although it was a bogus domestic assault case filed by my ex wife in order to get an order of protection and control of real estate. That case was dismissed a year ago. They ended up citing me for reckless driving as I mentioned.

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    Answered . Then you need an attorney as you are charged with a misdemeanor. It is ridiculous except it is the police making the accusation so it has to be taken seriously.
    Get a good attorney!
    Good Luck!

    I am a criminal defense attorney practicing in Nassau, Suffolk and New York City. The above information is not a... more
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    Answered . Whether or not it is a false arrest you are charged with a bona fide crime and a moving violation that will cause an insurance increase.

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    Answered . Because reckless driving is a criminal offense (misdemeanor), carries 5 points and can adversely affect your insurance rates, we strongly encourage you to fight this ticket. Further, given its seriously, you consult with (if not hire) an experienced traffic lawyer. Feel free to call us for a free consultation. My Avvo rating is 10 and my firm handle reckless driving cases regularly.

    Matthew Weiss, Esq. Weiss & Associates, PC 212-683-7373 www.nytrafficticket.com Since 1991, we make fighting... more
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    Answered . Retain an attorney to assist you. Bring in all the paperwork fir the attorney to review at the initial consultation.

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