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I just read a story about a couple of police officers that were

Ferndale, MI |

arrested in Hamtramck,Michigan for drug dealing and other wrong doings.What will happen to them as far as after being tried,and if found guilty, prosecuted ? Will they serve time in a Michigan prison or be sent out of state for their protection?

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They are likely to be charged in Federal Court. The police officers will have the same rights and judicial process as anyone who is charged with a similar offense. It is anyone's guess if these officers will cooperate against others, seek some sort of a plea or sentence deal, or stand trial.

If they plead guilty or lose at trial and are sentenced to incarceration, there are prisons throughout the United States that house federal prisoners. I am sure steps would be taken to protect the officers from other inmates who may have issues with them.

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Mr. Hilf has excellent insight into these cases. He is the consummate professional.

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