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I just learned that my lawyer lied to me stating the judge ordered what she didnt. I have the confirming letter and lawyer denie

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Attoney tells me in-chambers results in support "order" 40% of guidelines at $430/ two as something till next date in 2 1/2 month and respondents failure on P.A.C.T $1500 ... next date DCSS forgets to respond ($1300) and 2 1/2 mo delay. Now over budget and pro se. goto court and complain her actions were unjust and anger her as she denies everything and blames my lawyer. Order now presumed correct burdon of proof shifted. 9 mo wrong support and losing my home . about to traumatize my children and ask judge to fix the error and adaquiote support or order my kids mother to provide shelter for them, Best Interest of the kids to ballance the homes is to financially batter the ine who takes care of them until they live in a one bd/apt that their kids cant live either ?

Judge says she didnt order anything and the parties agreed to in so the numbers are correct until shown otherwise. My attorney denied my rights and confirmedt in two letters "the judge ordered" I lost it after in the hallway when ex smirked at me for screwing me in court with lies about income I have had the children 100% LVN=$44K $1040/2=6mo fsupport + S5000 in fees. my attorney lie about the chambers and the order was a suggestioin disbarred or sanctioned ? Lying to your client automattically a breach of fiducary responsibility ? CBCP Section 6067- requires a lawyer “faithfully to discharge the duties of any attorney at law to the best of his knowledge and ability? ‘attorneys have a fiduciary obligation to disclose material facts to their clients, an obligation that includes disclosure of acts of malpractice.’” (Beal Bank, SSB, v. Arter & Hadden, LLP (2007) 42 Cal.4th 503, 514)e for violating the California Rules of Professional Conduct.

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