I just got my Divorce Degree and I want to Appeal it,because the Judge did not allow the marital Asset to be valued right.

the martial assets are only valued at the new values on my half and valued very low at used values on spouses assets . . Also his Yearly income is off $ 10 , 000 to $ 20 , 000 a yr . that he makes , and it is low . ( example ) He makes 57 , 000 . 00 a yr . and the Judge put $ 38 , 000 . 00 a yr . My income is $ 14 , 000 . 00 a yr . and in my degree I was awarded $ 250 . 00 a month for 36 mos . If , something was to happen to my X today . . . . I don't get anything at all . Also I was left with all martial dept . My case was not look at right . . That there is a concern that I was not treated equal . My alimony would be different if these items where truthful I believe . My question is would I have a case for my self to Appeal or not

Sumner, IA -

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Erik S. Fisk

Erik S. Fisk

Family Law Attorney - Des Moines, IA

You give some facts, but not enough to help make any determination. Were you represented at trial? If not, it is hard to know whether you did what you needed to preserve these issues for appeal. Finally, it appears that you are asking whether you could appeal yourself. Appeals are very expensive, and they are very complicated - so much so that some practicing lawyers have a tough time with them and will get them to attorneys who know appeals. I would not suggest that a nonlawyer try to take up an appeal.

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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