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I just got my conditional green card this year. Can i leave the US twice later this year?

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I just received my green card earlier this year. I wanted to know if its too risky to visit Canada for a week this September and for a month to Asia on December? I will just be going by myself, not with my family or husband. Will that affect my case when I will file to remove the condition of my greencard? I am worried Immigration might question me for leaving the country twice this year, especially i was out of ststus for 5 years before my husband petition me. All your answers are very much appreciated.

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    No reason for concern. While you are 100 percent correct to ask these questions, there is no need to worry. You can travel as much as you like as long as you spend 50% or more of your time each year in the United States.

  2. No. There should be no problem traveling with a provisional green card.

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  3. I agree with my colleague. There should be no problem with you traveling without your spouse.

  4. Do remember to take your green card with you as that is the documentation that ensures you will be allowed to re-enter the country.

  5. You are prudent to have asked such a question. The answer is that you should not be concerned about these brief and casual trips abroad. Please remember to keep track of your exits and entries from the US as you will need it later if you apply for US citizenship. Also remember to ensure that you do not stay away from the United States for more than 6 months in any one year.

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  6. No you should have no problem. A conditional green-card holder is allowed travel just as as someone who has a permanent 10 year green-card. Ensure you check with the countries you travel should they require a visa or not and to make sure you have a valid passport from your country including your 2 year conditional green-card.

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