I just got married with a US citizen being out of stayus. I entered with visitor visa almost a year ago

A couple days before my I-94 expired I filed for extension of staying and I had been dating my now husband just for a couple weeks. While waiting for the response a month later, we engaged and we planned in getting married in February, but since they notify me that my extension was denied they gave me 30 days to leave the country that was at the end of november.We anyway planned in getting married but a month earlier but after the 30 days they gave me. In the application for the extension I lied about working without permit. I have been working without working permit and I am afraid the can send me back to my country to adjust status. I am not afraid about that they can think that our marriage is fraud or not, or if they think that I came to the US just to get married, because any of those are true and I have proofs of that. My real fear is that they can ban me or punish me because I lied about my work activity here. Can they really deport me for that or ask me to leave?? We are planning to do all the papers before the 6 months of overstay.

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Nikiki Tavia Bogle

Nikiki Tavia Bogle

Immigration Attorney

You should immediately consult in person with an immigration lawyer before filing any papers with the U.S. Immigration Service.

There is an issue of Fraud, if you lied on the USCIS form that you filled out and submitted to immigration about not working here. If immigration finds out that you lied, you could be charged with Fraud, which is punishable up to 5 years in prison, deportation and possibly permanent exclusion from the U.S.

For those reasons, you must consult with an immigration lawyer to help you with the petition you plan to submit to immigration.

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