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I just got a speeding ticket and child restraint ticket, do i need a lawyer?

Champaign, IL |

I have been summoned to appear in court and its in a different state and i cannot make it there at that date. I also want my case to stay away from public records to avoid insurance premium rise. If I show up on the court date and pay the fines, will my case be made public? If an attorney represents me, do i need to still appear? What would the attorney in champaign county Illinois usually charge me for this case?

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If you are summoned on a speeding citation in a different state, that jurisdiction has a different procedure from Illinois regarding traffic matters. You need a practicing attorney in that state to represent you.
Also, without a legal representation in court there is no way to ensure your case will be disposed of without becoming a public record. In Illinois a supervision is not a conviction, yet I am not certain about the traffic laws of that state you were cited for speeding.
I had out of state clients in Illinois and was able to successfully dispose their traffic matters, however, the client had to furnish an Affidavit and a Powere of Attorney to enter a plea on his behalf with a reasonably acceptable outcome.
You may call the Champaign County Clerk of the Court office and ask for a telephone number for a referral to a local attorney practicing in the area with traffic offenses. Additionally, there is no set price range for such representation, however a reasonable counsel would not exceed a few hundred dollars.


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