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I just found out there is a warrant for my arrest for non-payment of child support. i want to go turn myself in....

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(I believe it is a "bench warrant") I am unsure about bail. Will the judge set bail for me or will i be stuck serving six months? Should i contact a bail bondsman before turning myself in? How long will i be in jail and will i be able to get out? I owe less than $5,000. I made my last full monthly payment in January 2013.

I quit my job 13 months ago when my dad suddenly went into a coma. My mother has MS and cannot be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. My dad was in the hospital for 2.5 months before he was well enough to be released. I was needed on a daily basis at my parents’ home to do everything from cooking, cleaning and laundry to supervising, organizing and even picking up my parents many Rxs. IF my parents had been able to care for themselves I would have NEVER left my job! In fact I had been employed for more than 7 straight years and had never missed a payment until this last year. My Ex took me to court, a payment arrangement was made, but i have not been able to meet the obligation because i felt i was unable to work without sacrificing my parents’ well-being. My father has now recovered well and i am now actively seeking work. Although he is not fully recovered, i do feel that i can go more than 24 hours without checking in on them.

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Child support warrants are different from regular warrants. You should contact a family law attorney to assist you. It's better to pay down your bond than to hire a bondsman.
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If i had money for an attorney i would gladly hire one. But i don't have money for an attorney. I don't even have the money to pay my child support. I'm not one of those jerks living large and ignoring my debt to my child. i REALLY don't have any money. No savings. No 401K. Nothing to borrow against. How do i find out how much my bond would be? (I'd obviously prefer to know that BEFORE i am jailed.) I want to get in and out as quickly as possible so i can go back to caring for my parents and looking for a job.

Richard Timothy Jones

Richard Timothy Jones


Then you should contact the attorney on the other side and try to negotiate a payment plan. In your question you talked about a bondsman, the money would be better spent reducing your obligation.


Do not short yourself. Contact local family counsel and chat about it. You do not sound like a "deadbeat" dad.


If you can post a bond for the amount due, you should be able to bond out. I certainly recommend that anyone aware that they have a warrant on them to get with a lawyer and report to the Sheriff's department. A lawyer can sometimes get a lower bond for you when you report. A bondsman will simply post the bond the court decides to set.

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