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I just found out the irs owes me from 2002 for an incorrect SS number used when filing. never got the check .can i still collect

Houston, TX |

I filed with an incorect SS number corrected it subsequently and got mail from them asking to mail the stub to them to get payment. was new to the country and didnt understand the tex system and never mailed this in or contacted them about it. Can I still collect it?

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I am uncertain as to the answer to the question because i don't have all the facts. However, the first threshold is that you needed to file your 2002 tax return on or before April 15, 2006. If that did not happen, that you filed too late.

If you did file on or before April 15, 2006, you may be able to get by the wrong social security number. Effectively, the IRS had notice. If you did file by that date, you should contact the local Taxpayer Advocate of the IRS for assistance. Good luck.

Marty Davidoff,, 732-274-1600. This answer is provided for general information only. You should seek advice from an attorney or tax professional.

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