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I just found out that someone has used my social security number to start a company can I sue them?

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I went to the bank to open an account and they say that the person using my social has used it to start a corporation and in fact has a business account with the bank so they did not allow me to open the account. I called the social security administration, they told me to request a earnings statement (which cost money to get), then I had to call this department to red flag my SSN. The problem is that the person is still using my social security number and I feel like the SSA should be taking action to find this person, and I am mad that they did not do anything to pursue catching this person and to stop them from using my SSN. I do not know what to do I am nineteen and I have unestablished credit and I do not want this person to destroy my credit or continue to use my SSN. What do I do?

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    It is fortunate that you learned about the identity theft sooner rather than later. I doubt that the SSA will do anything about this. Please take a moment to review my Legal Guide on steps to take when you learn you are the victim of identity theft. The link is below.

    Once you have completed several of the steps and have a police report of identity theft, you will find the bank much more cooperative to close the false account. With the police report and FTC report, they are required to treat you as the victim, not as someone coming off the streets claiming to have the same SSN as another account holder. As you know, even Social Security cards can be phony, so they treat everyone with some degree of suspicion, and would not close the account until they have a police report.

    I have been representing consumers since 1997, including many cases of identity theft. Please contact me through my Avvo profie, if you need further assistance.

  2. Report this (please see the link below), and make sure your credit is "frozen" so this person and no one else can open any accounts using your personal information.

    Please also see the CA ID theft laws linked below.

    So far you have no damages, so there's no reason to sue anyone, just stop this from going any further.

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