I just filed the I-864 for my husband with a joint sponsor. How will that effect my state assistance?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Cedar Rapids, IA

My son is on title 19. I just filed the I-864 for my husband with a joint sponsor because I'm a student and do not work. Does that mean my son's state health insurance will be cut? I also get food stamps and unemployment while attending school. Will those be cut?

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    Answered . I agree with my colleague. Be sure of course that all information you provide in your I-864 is true correct and accurate and matches the information you may have provided elsewhere. As a creature of state law the question is better directed at an attorney specializing in Iowa state public benefits law and is not really an immigration question.

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    Answered . You are find and have not reason to worry at this point. Finish your school, find good job and get of the public assistance. Best advice I can give.

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    Answered . You should be OK. It isn't you, but your son, that is on state assistance.

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