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I I just want to no what kind of questions will the judge ask my letter wrighter my refrence s lettesigot 3 dui"s in 1 yr

Farmington Hills, MI |

Im 61 and now have some disabilities and life is getting to hard to get around it was 16 yr"s ago this happened now IM trying for it

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If you are asking about a Hearing before the Secretary of State to restore your driving privileges, I would kindly but very strongly recommend you retain a lawyer who is well-versed in driver license restoration law to assist you. The "documentation of sobriety" (letters) that you submit MUST all contain certain items, or they may be rejected. The Secretary of State is VERY strict on those hearings, and if you lose, you will likely have to wait an entire year before re-applying, so please try to use a driver license restoration lawyer to help you. Good luck! Warmest regards, Matt Catchick


This is truly a very complex procedure that has a significantly better out come for those who retain an attorney. You should seriously consider doing so.


Contact an attorney with a lot of experience in handling driver's license restorations.


The license restoration hearings are held by an Administrative Hearing Officer, not a judge. They would only ask your letter writers questions if they come in to the hearing room and testify. But the letters must be very clear and cover all the topics that need covered or the Hearing Officer will not give the letters much consideration. By the sound of your question, I think you don't have a full understanding of how this process of license restoration works. Even if you do, it is still a very good idea to get an attorney to help you make sure that everything is done right. You only get one hearing per year, so if you fail at your hearing, you'll have to wait another year to get another chance. Please consult with an experienced license restoration attorney. Sincerely, Frank B. Ford

The information contained in this answer is intended to convey general information. Nothing contained in this answer is intended as specific legal advice. Although the content is believed to be accurate as to Michigan law, no guarantee is made that it is accurate and up-to-date. This is not an offer to represent you, nor is it intended to create an attorney-client relationship.


Having successfully assisted 100's of clients whose licenses were revoked for having too many drinking & driving matters on their records I can tell you that most people who go to the administrative hearing before the Secretary of State hearings officers are not successful without careful preparation & the right attorney assisting them. There is a solid method to winning these cases that, if followed completely , really works over & over. Planning the right moves is very important. You do not want to take chances because if you lose you will have to wait a full year to get another chance to be heard again... I urge you to not take this chance--an experienced attorney will be worth every penny if you are willing to follow advice & stick with a proven plan. Don't go there alone & don't hire just any attorney to represent you if you want to win.
Best of luck.
Marshall S. Tauber, over 32 years of client success.

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