I hit a deer on the freeway.I sustained severe injuries. Can I sue my insurance company for pain and suffering, med pymts, etc?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Cleveland, OH

I have State Farm Insurance. I am covered for bodily injury/property damage, medical payments, uninsured motor vehicle- BI, and uninsured motor vehicle- PD. Can I sue my insurance company for medical payments and pain and suffering? I have lots of medical bills and have missed over a week of work. I am currently going to physical therapy.

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    Answered . You need to review your auto insurance declarations page to determine the amount of your Medical Payments coverage. These are generally relatively low, with $5,000 to $10,000 being fairly standand. The amount listed on your policy is the maximum that your insurer would be requried to pay toward your treatment expenses. It is always best to attempt to have your health insurance pay any medical bills first and then use your Med Pay to cover your out of pockets and deductibles.

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    Answered . You will get medical payments coverage though your Policy will dictate whether you have additional claims.

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    Answered . Your insurance should cover your medical bills.

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    Answered . Your medical payments coverage is likely the only applicable benefits when you're at fault.

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    Answered . If Ohio is a liability insurance (at fault) state like Texas, then the only part of your auto policy that might provide coverage would be a medical payments or personal injury protection--and these tend to be small. Call your insurance, ask for the claims forms for pip and/or medpay and file a claim. Consult a local attorney to see if you have any further claims under your specific policy.

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    Answered . They should pay your medical bills. It depends on the language of your insurance policy.

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  7. Answered . Your Medical Payments coverage with State Farm will pay for any accident related medical bills up to the limit of your coverage
    . Other than that, I do not see you as having a claim against State Farm. There was no other uninsured vehicle involved here and you do not appear to be insured for collision coverage either, based on your statement.

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