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I hired contractor to refinish our wood floors and they botched the job and left with our money.

Dayton, OH |

I found an ad on the yellow pages online which has now disappeared for 30 yrs experience satisfaction guaranteed, I talked to him over the phone he said he was insured and sounded like he was like 60. He came and did the work and was given a check for it, however before he was finished we mentioned it looked blotchy but he said that once it had dried and the poly applied the color would even out. It didn't but he had already cashed the check and we asked him to please come repair it he said he did a great job and told us to have a great day as he couldn't help the color we chose. He is not insured and is just a common criminal with numerous offenses we even found out later he was driving to our house on a suspended license, what can we do to recoup our losses from this person?Wehavehisinfo

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You can file a police report, but many police departments don't like to get involve in these disputes and will tell you to pursue the matter in civil litigation. I have filed multiple lawsuits in this type of situation -- and I have won or settled 100% of the case; however, there is almost always a problem collecting the judgment.

These "fly by night" contractors usually have no assets, no home, no bank account in their name, and no regular paycheck. This means you might file a lawsuit and win a $15,000.00 judgment, but you will spend forever trying to find 50 cents to seize from the defendant.

Never hurts to consult with an attorney, but think very carefully before spending money on a lawsuit when you may not recover one cent even if you win.

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