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I hired a lawyer to appear for me in out of state traffic court 3 months ago.

Marietta, GA |
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He will not return my calls or answer my questions, and I need this ticket tken care of as it is a mandatory appearance. The lawyer is avoiding me, has taken my money and has not done anything regarding resolving this legal matter. What do I do?

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Not sure which state it is in, but you may need to call another attorney assuming you can't pay a visit to the original attorney in person.

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If it were me I would write a letter to the judge handling the case with a copy of your recipt that you recieved when you hired that attorney. I would send copies of the letter explaining the case to the satate bar as well with a copy to the attorney that did this to you. I bet that gets his attention!


I would tell you to attempt to contact him in writing asking for an update on your case. Send the letter via a method that you will get delivery confirmation. In the meantime I would advise you to contact the court directly to see if this attorney has put in a notice of appearance on the matter for you.

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Here's what I would tell my son if he were in this situation:
Go to court, show the judge or clerk or prosecutor your receipt from the lawyer, share the story with them, and ask for a new court date so you can do what you can do to "fix" things. Then, write the lawyer, by certified letter, and ask him to confirm with you whether he is going to go to court on that date, or otherwise make good on his failure to do so....

Twelve years ago I was struck down by a disability with no advance notice. Unfortunately, I was unable to do anything to fix matters (like this one) until I could get someone to help me out, contact clients, and take steps to fix things. Fortunately, I was able to.... but I had a physical disability and my mind worked well. I have known attorneys in car wrecks, or were unconscious in the hospital, who weren't able to communicate with anyone to advise others -whether courts or clients- about the situation.

My point is, when matters like this come up in life, whether for attorneys or clients, there is usually no deceit or harmful intent involved. I have learned that, in 99% of the cases, there is some hardship or other issue that comes up, causes difficulty, and then confusion, one way or the other. Mostly, thought, the matters are resolved with time, and patience. I hope that you contact the lawyer involved, give him the benefit of the doubt, and can get your situation resolved with understanding, patience, and teamwork, and without name-calling, finger-pointing, and fearful accusations.

Good luck. To you and the attorney!

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