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I hired 2 attorneys to get my divorce. Wanted a fair settlement. I put $60k in our house. Husband makes $85k a yr with 2 pension

Galesburg, IL |

I have applied for disability. Lawyer talked me out of going to court. I feel I was manipulated. We had joint bank acct. Only from 96-04. No money in that acct was his. He opened his acct 1wk after home purchase. I financed marriage &his children. With bipolar, and putting >$ in I should have gotten more than $25 back. Liabilities were not even considered. I have way more. He got all the assets. I got chump chg. Want to sue attorney and go bk 4 proper settlement. At least another $35k.

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  1. If you went to trial, you might be entitled to appeal if your time to do so has not yet expired. If you had a proveup (as opposed to a trial) less than 30 days ago, you can ask that the judgment be vacated and if it is allowed, you will in effect be un-divorced, married all over again, and will have to start all over again. Go take all your papers to an attorney who handles divorce appeals. Be prepared to pay big bucks. There is really nothing we can do for you here.

  2. if the divorce judgment orders you to do certain things, you probably cannot go bankrupt on those items. go to a divorce lawyer and a bk lawyer fast.

  3. Just how long ago was your divorce entered? Consult with an attorney in your community, and give him or her all the facts that are needed to answer your question properly.

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