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I heard that if you go to prison now, when you get out, your fines are paid and you get your driver's license.

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Is this true?? If so, what are the conditions or requirements for this? And when did this go into effect??? I heard something like you have to ask for a specific form during your intake to qualify for this. What about the people who were released prior to this and/or who did not know what to fill out to qualify??? Can you shed some light on this subject for me???

I'm sorry, I didn't realize I had listed this under DUI. I am actually using this WONDERFUL site as an information hub for a couple people I know who are really computer smart. It's not for DUI.

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You question was listed under DUI and not general criminal. Assuming you went to prison for a DUI, then the answer most likely is no, you don't get your driver's license back when you leave. Assuming you had a Californa license to start, you'd have to participate in the DUI class/school as ordered by the court.

They don't cancel the DUI school requirement because of prison confinement, they just delay it.

Good luck with your situation.

Matthew Williamson

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Vehicle Code 41500 provides for relief from some traffic violations when a person is sent to state prison. However, it specifically does NOT apply to DUI and offenses that involve a mandatory drivers license suspension.

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