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I heard that after you get your license and SS for DACA you will be asked to go to a appointment for drug testing?

Los Angeles, CA |

is that true?

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  1. Where did you read/hear this? Once you've been approved and received your employment authorization, the process is complete.

    Just a note though, your question suggests you are concerned that you would fail a drug test. Don't do drugs. It's a crime and could lead to, among other things, deportation.

  2. That is simply not true.

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  3. Once you get your DACA approved, that process is complete with immigration until it's time to renew it. I have not heard anything about a drug test, but if it has anything to do with the driver license, that would be up to the state where you live. You should remember that trouble you get into for drug use could make you ineligible for other kinds of immigration relief, particularly if we get immigration reform.

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  4. It's not true that they will drug test you. However, doing illegal drugs on any kind of visa is a very bad idea.

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