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I haven't gone to court yet. What goes on my job application?

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I'm 16 and would like to get a job. Unfortunately, i shoplifted about three weeks ago. My court date is set next month. What should i put on my job application when asked about ever being arrested? Since i have not gone to court yet, does it technically "not count" (yet)? Should i even get a lawyer? I have heard judges are more lenient when first time juvenile offenders don't try to fight that what they did was wrong. Also, i would like to be a teacher in the future. Will this still be on my record/show up when i do the background check as an adult?

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You should obtain counsel to address the criminal matter as the outcome of that matter can impact you future employment particularly in the area of teaching or other government employment and licenses. An arrest occurs the moment a law enforcement officer takes you into custody and is separate and apart from a coviction. I encourage you not lie on an application as that can result in denial of employment or termination of employment once discovered. My office can assist if you wish.


The answer depends on the question. You really, really need to retain counsel to navigate you through this.

This post is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship with Mr. Cassara.


Assuming that you are charged as a juvenile and not an adult, your record will remain confidential now and in the future. However, to ensure that your record remains clean you need to have the charges dropped.

Furthermore, you should never believe that you are better off appearing in court without an attorney.

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