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I have to take ard classes but I don't have all the money... what woukd they do

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First offense in my life

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Speak to the attorney that got you the ARD, but in general they will allow for a payment plan, best of luck.

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I agree with Mr. Kaplun's assessment. The criminal system very much wants people to successfully complete the ARD program. ARD helps a great deal with overburdened criminal dockets. I would recommend, however, that you make REGULAR payments toward the financial obligations that come with ARD and be in a position to demonstrate that you are making a genuine effort to comply. Good luck.

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Here's the dilemma, in Dauphin County, if that's where you're taking ARD, you need all the fees and costs up front. You may be able to get a continuance on your case for a few months until you save up the money. Other than that, you'll need to beg or borrow. They should work with you for a couple months. The office is extremely backed up.

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