I Have to go to court for school issues and wanted to know what the judge would do !

Asked almost 2 years ago - Shelton, CT

I have to go to court for misbehavior and for truancy... I've recently try to start bettering myself because I realized its only going to effect me in the end.. I messed up my freshmen year and they kinda held me back.. but i'm considered half a O9th grader & half a 1Oth grader and the last two years I've Been caught with alcohol on me at school, smoking in the bathrooms,cutting classes and cussing teachers out & throwing a phone at my headmaster... I want to know whats going to happen when i go to court ? & The School also said they'd give me a Probation Officer if I Kept causing trouble

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  1. Answered . It is very difficult to guess what a judge will do based on the detail provided. A lot depends on your past record with each of the incidents you give as well as the frequency of your problems at the school.

    I recommend you have a lawyer represent you in the juvenile court. Even though it is a juvenile court, the judge can impose significant punishments.

    Finally, as was suggested in the other responses, clean up your act. The older you get, the less tolerant people and authorities will be of shenanigans. You mention you are supposed to be a 10th grader, which means you are reaching, or have reached, the age in which you will be treated as a youthful offender, not a juvenile. Penalties go up significantly for offenses and may result in permanent records. Also, adulthood is just around the corner for you at age 18. As you know, getting in trouble as an adult realistically could result in a permanent record. Start making better choices, study and get good grades (all CT schools offer extra help and tutors if you need one), go to college, and make something honorable of yourself. You have been on a self-destructive path, time to change.

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    Answered . Juvenile court laws vary from state to state so what you really need to do is meet with an attorney who specializes in juvenile law in the community where you live. It is possible that the judge may make you a ward of the juvenile court and therefore subject to supervision by the juvenile court authorities, usually the county probation department. You would also be subject to any appropriate parental authority and your parents may be charged for the cost of the court's supervision of your conduct. You may also be required to participate in drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs; anger management, counseling and of course attend school.

    You are right to become serious about changing your current pattern of behaviors as the consequence for the types of conduct you have described will only make things worse for you if this type of conduct does not stop.

    This is not a substitute for a consultation with a youth law attorney in your community.

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