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I have to go to court because an incident that happened at Walmart when I was with one of my friends and I am a minor.

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When we were at Walmart my friend had stole some merchandise. He had placed 2 of the items in my pack when I realized what he was doing I GAVE HIM MY BACK PACK & WALKED AWAY , I wanted nothing to do with it. I then went to the register to get my gift card I forgot I left. The lady had threw it away so she had to find it in the trash. At this point my other friend and the one with the merchandise approached me then we proceeded to the exit. When my friend was walking out he beeped and they violently grab him. At that time I walked up to the people and kept asking for my important paper that were in there and the lady told me if I don't go outside they are going to involve me in it and I told her I just don't want my papers damaged and she was like alright fine you want to be involved.

I proceded outside after a kind lady had assured me that my papers would not be damaged. Then when I was outside the cops apporached me to detain me. They searched me and I had not a single thing on me. Then when they started to question me they said because I had picked up the item and sat it back down when i decided i didn't want it that I was by law stealing. When I had more than enough money to purchase the items. If that really was the issue another friend who was also there had picked up the phone case that they found on my friend who got caught. I really do not have the money to hire a lawyer, and I'm very irritated that I have to waste my time on this crap.

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Do you have a question? I don't see one posted here.

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If you are under 18 this will go through the juvenile system. If you can't afford a lawyer a public defender will be appointed to help you. You should be more than irritated you should be deeply concerned as this kind of crime can affect your life. Since you are a juvenile you should be able to get anything on your record sealed at 18 but you have to request it. It doesn't happen automatically.


I cannot tell if you have been charged with a crime or not. If you get a letter in the mail you need to consult with an attorney - either privately retained or a public defender. Although you raise some interesting and possibly helpful facts, I cannot give you a prediction as to whether you will be charged for this incident or not. If your parents are interested I can be contacted through my website at:


You gave way too many details on a public forum. That said you should cease talking about this incident to anyone except a criminal attorney. You can either consult with a local criminal attorney experienced in representing juveniles or you can wait until your court appearance and have the court appoint a public defender. Again don't talk about this offense with anyone except an attorney. This is probably very scary for you because you've never been involved in anything like this but you will get through this and everything will be okay. Let this be a learning experience. Watch who you hang out with and be very cautious of police, certainly always assert your right to remain silent and refer all police questions to your attorney. Best of luck.

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