I have to apply for my husband who is in mexico we will be appying in mexico do you no how long it takes to get a green card ?

he has been living in mexico 3 years now and was caught living in the u.s but left here on his own

Grand Rapids, MI -

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Michael Hugh Carlin

Michael Hugh Carlin

Immigration Attorney - Ann Arbor, MI

We would need to ask you and your husband many questions in order to determine whether he would be eligible to return legally to the United States. It sounds quite likely that he would need a waiver of one or more grounds of inadmissibility. Depending on his prior immigration history and criminal history (if any), he might or might not be eligible to apply for the waiver.

Please consult with an immigration attorney to have the best chance of success.

Michael Carlin
Immigration Attorney

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J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

Depends on your status and his immigration history.

You should retain an experienced immigration lawyer to review all the facts, advise you, and handle the case. You can find one through http://www.ailalawyer.com.

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Alexander Joseph Segal

Alexander Joseph Segal

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

He needs a waiver. Will take from year to two and you need an immigration attorney. I assumed you are a USC.

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