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I have to appear in court for a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident and also for falsely reporting an accident.

Fenton, MI |

I was involved in an accident where I was rear ended by a drunk driver and I left the scene of the accident and drove home and then called 911. At that time I reported the accident happening at a different location than it actually did. I have to appear in court in a couple of days first for leaving the scene of the accident and then yesterday I received a summons to appear in court later in the week for falsly reporting an accident. I do not have legal representation at this time and am just wondering what exactly can happen? Is this just going to be fines I have to pay and points on my license or can it be worse? I have no record and have never been in trouble before and am not sure what to do.

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You have a few issues. First, leaving the scene in many states may cause a license suspension. Second, you have a seperate criminal offense of false report of a crime. The first thing you need is a lawyer who can speak for you. If you continue to speak it can only get you trouble. A lawyer can explain the situation to the prosecutor and perhaps offer a better explanation of what took place and why you gave erroneous information. A lawyer might be able to wrap everything up into some non serious offense. Please contact a good criminal lawyer in your jurisdiction. Good Luck

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