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I have tickets and no income, how do I pay for them?

Aurora, CO |

I have a stream of horrible luck. I have 3 tickets 130, 221, 384.

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You need to find a way to fight these tickets or pay them. if you fail to pay them, your license will be suspended by the DMV. If you get caught driving while under suspension, you face jail time and the loss of your license for at least a year.

You also must be aware that Colorado is on a "points system." You are only allowed 11 points in a 12 month period and 17 points in a 24 month period. Your license will also be suspended for excessive points if you surpass the number of points allowed on your license. Before pleading guily and paying the fines, you should obtain a full copy of your Motor Vehicle Record from the DMV and consult with an attorney to ensure that you do not make any decisions that will result in a points suspension.

If an attorney is not willing to spend 10 minutes answering your questions (via email, website, phone,etc) then that attorney should not be someone you retain. Attorneys often think their time is more valuable than everyone else's. Being a good attorney starts first and foremost with caring about helping people. Call my office after you have a copy of your MVR and either myself of my staff can go through your options with you so you can make an educated decision.

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The answer really depends on where you live and where your cases are within the system. Often, if you have not yet been to court, you can go to court and ask the judge for alternatives to paying the fine. Many judges will allow community service, some will allow you to spend time in jail (not recommended). If you have already been found guilty and ordered to pay a fine, you need to contact the court and ask if there are any alternative programs that you can take advantage of. You may need to contact a lawyer in your area. Good luck!

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It all depends on the jurisdiction where these tickets are issued. Some courts will allow all or a portion of the fine and costs to be offset against community service. It also depends on the Judge and court there tickets are to be decided. Ask the Judge about alternatives to pay for these tickets.

You should spell out the facts in more detail for a more precise and helpful answer. Just saying you have 3 tickets without detailing the specific nature and charges in each ticket and the name, type, county and State of the court is a disservice to you, us and readers or users of this forum. Please be more responsible and think through your question before posting incomplete questions.

I do hope you will be more careful next time around

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