I have the right to ask Citizenship Through my dad

my dad U.S. citizen and now i am her in USA from 1 month i and i am 35 years old i born in 1978 and my father take the citizen in 1992 i think i would like to know i have right to ask for it or what and thanks for help

Toms River, NJ -

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Eric M. Mark

Eric M. Mark

Immigration Attorney - Newark, NJ

It depends on whether you were living with your father in 1992, what your immigration status was, and if your parents were married at the time. You need to call an immigration lawyer to review the details.

Steven Sahag Vosbikian

Steven Sahag Vosbikian

Immigration Attorney - Cherry Hill, NJ

I believe you are asking whether or not you derive citizenship. Based on these facts, I do not believe you do.
At least one parent would have to be a citizen, you would have to be under 18, and you would have had to be residing in the US as an LPR as your father's legal custody. You do not meet these requirements.

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