I have sole legal custody of my grandson, mother and father drug addicts, no visitation ordered, can parents get custody back?

Asked about 1 year ago - Laurel Springs, NJ

I was awarded sole legal custody of my grandson in April 2013. There was no visitation ordered for the parents. (parents drug addicts and homeless) Very little contact with the child by parents, their choice. This is NOT temporary custody but my order also does not specify permanent either. My question is, if one or both of the parents complete drug rehab, get housing and jobs, can they re-gain custody? I think it would be in the child"s best interest to remain with me and not removed from the one stable home he knows for the past 6 yrs. The child is 7 yrs old. Thank you for your advice/answer.

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  1. Anthony J Van Zwaren


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    Answered . Unless there is an order that terminates the parents' rights to the children, then yes there is always the possibility of either one or both parents regaining custody. But possibility does not necessarily mean likelihood based upon what you describe. However, parents do make recoveries. You use the right term when you describe the child's "best interests" because that is what the court would base any decision on should the parents seek to have custody returned.

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  2. Bari Zell Weinberger


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    Answered . Either parent, or both, can make an application to the Court seeking parenting time and/or a return of custody at any time. The Court will make a determination on that application based upon the best interests of the child. Given what you have described above, you may have a claim for continued custody and/or consitent visitation with your grandson, but there are several factors that you would need to discuss with an experienced Family Law attorney before making that determination. I urge you to consult with an attorney regarding your matter. The articles located at the link provided below may also offer some additional helpful information. Best of luck to you!

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  3. Ronald Glenn Lieberman


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    Answered . The parents can seek custody again and courts are generally receptive to reuniting parents with children.

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