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I have skipped out on probation for over a year now, i want to turn myself in but would like to know the consequences facing me?

Tampa, FL |

It was for a DUI. Though my first offense.

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If you are found guilty of violating probation, you can face up to the maximum time in jail for the original offense minus any time you have already served.

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In Tampa, the county judges no longer allow attorneys to surrender their clients in court on a VOP warrant. You must turn yourself in and will get a court date within 48 hours. I suggest that you have counsel before you turn yourself in to make sure you do not linger longer than necessary. Since you did not complete the terms of your supervision rather than commit a new offense, you can take care of this without too much hassle. Depending on what you didn't complete, you might not be relicensed yet either. The best thing is to get a lawyer, figure out what needs to be completed and face the court with a firm plan to get it done. I agree that you are facing jail time, but a first time VOP in Tampa without a new offense, especially a DUI should not result in a long jail sentence.

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There are some things you can do to mitigate the consequences such as completing DUI school, the community service hours and any other conditions that were placed on you. Once you have those things complete, an attorney will be in a much better position to negotiate on your behalf. Good luck!

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The lawyers that have replied before me are all correct and they all appear to practice in the county where your case is presumably pending, so I recommend you reach out to them for a more thorough analysis of your situation. I think it's safe to assume that the only thing standing in between you and a year in jail is a good lawyer. You also can expect that your license will be suspended further, pending the completion of the outstanding terms and conditions of your sentence, unless you can somehow convince the court that you should be permitted to complete these sanctions now as a condition of probation, which is highly unlikely.

Best of luck!

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I agree with Lori Palmieri's answer completely and would add that you should make sure that any of the conditions you have met (DUI certificate or counseling, community service hours) you should have proof of completion and make these available to your lawyer to help expedite the process with the State and judge in case there are any questions with probation.

The sentences can vary depending on the basis for your absconding.

Best of luck.

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The sooner you turn yourself in the better. Contact an attorney to speak to the state before you do so that a resolution and possible bond can be discussed. I handle these matters and give a free consultation. Thanks

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