I have retained an attorney to represent me against the Executrix of my mother's Estate.

Paid the attorney $3,400 up front. Two weeks later, he called wanting another $3,000 sent to him. A deed & the "Final Statement" is all i have received from him. I have not received an accounting of how the $3,400 has been used. After realizing that the attorney had not filed anything to notify the probate judge that a problem exists, with time running out, I wrote a letter myself and received a court date for May 7. I faxed the info to the attorney. He has not told me that he is going to be present to represent me at the court date. The attorney has not contacted me since wanting more money. The attorney originally told me that it would cost $2,500 to $3,000, he now says the cost will be triple or more to represent me. Nothing changed, Why more cost? Am i being used only for money?

Mount Holly, NC -

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Joseph Jonathan Brophy

Joseph Jonathan Brophy

Ethics / Professional Responsibility Lawyer - White Plains, NY

Contested probate proceedings can be very expensive. You can go through many tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees in such a proceeding, depending on how complicated it gets. You are, of course, entitled to an itemized bill, but it seems that your more immediate problem is to find a lawyer to protect your interests and explain to you what is going on. If you can't get some response from this lawyer, you would be well advised to find another one.

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