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I have received a notice of hearing for a credit card debt. What are the possibe outcomes if it is found in the creditors favor?

Harrisburg, PA |

Since I live in PA, will they be able to attach my wages with a court order? WIll i have my banking accounts froze? All of them, including joint accounts? How do they get that banking account information? How am I supposed to live if I must have direct deposit for my job? The only asset I have is a car. Will i be forced to sell that?

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In Pennsylvania, your wages cannot be garnished. Your bank accounts may be frozen post-jugment. You are entitled to certain exemptions upon the execution of your assets. If you are married, and the judgment is only against you, you may be able to avoid execution your marital assets.

Most credit card companies are willing to negotiate a fair settlement. Please contact me if you would like more information.

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They cannot garnish your wages. If the debt is solely against you, you can protect a joint account. Typically, the obtain your bank account information from the checks you have written from that account to pay the credit card bill. Otherwise, they have to try to obtain it through interrogatories which are written questions which you could be compelled to answer. If you have enough debt, bankruptcy may be a viable option to avoid your debt, including any potential judgment.

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