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I have received a DWI ticket. Previously I had a DUI in 2007 and took the AEP program.

Hartford, CT |

I had a second DUI in 2009 for which I was convicted in 2010. What am I looking at as far as penalties?. I had a CT license for my first 2 offenses and now got the ticket on NY license.

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  1. Assuming that your most recent DUI arrest was in Connecticut; and, further assuming that you are convicted here's what you are looking at as a second conviction offender: 2 year jail sentence probably suspended after a minimum of 120 days incarceration with up to three years of probation; a fine of $1000.00 dollars plus $250.00 dollar probation fee; the statute also calls for 100 hours of community service. You will also have been convicted of a felony, a very serious matter indeed.

    Now, you may not have to serve the entire 120 days in jail. The Department of Corrections will determine if you are a candidate for early release to home confinement. Your license will also be suspended; but unlike in the past, you will probably become eligible to participate in the ignition interlock device program after a reduced period of suspension. The interlock program is also fairly expensive. There are other sure to be other probation requirements as well.

    As you see you are facing a very serious charge a conviction of which will result in serious long-term ramifications. I urge you to retain an attorney well versed and experienced in Connecticut's DUI law. The law is very intricate. Not just any attorney is qualified to defend such a case.

    This answer must be construed as commenting on general legal principles only. No attorney client relationship results. Please consult a qualified attorney to review the facts of your case.

  2. Attorney Denison is spot on with his analysis regarding the consequenses upon conviction as well as your need to have an experienced DWI attorney representing you!

  3. I have a couple of thoughts. First, it's not clear if your previous DUIs took place in the same state as the current case. It is possible that the prosecution may miss the prior DUIs if they took place in another state. Second, depending on the length of the probation on the 2009 DUI, you may also be looking at a probation violation. You're definitely going to want to hire an attorney. Good luck.

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