I have reason to believe that my home health aid is taking bribes from people to check on whether I qualify for health coverage

I questioned her a few times about this and she acted very suspicious and refused to answer yes, or no. Obviously if she did nothing wrong, she'd immediately deny it. I want to report her to her agency with my suspicions but in order for me to do this do I need to provide hard evidence? (Like saying that there was a witness to this...) I'm not out to get her fired; rather I'm trying to find out which people in my building are at the root of this. (I do genuinely qualify for since I am home bound now.)

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Sean Thomas Wright

Sean Thomas Wright

Litigation Lawyer - Jackson Heights, NY

You don't explain what the basis for your suspicion about your home health aid is other than evasiveness when questioned. I imagine something must have triggered your suspicion to begin with before you questioned her. You are free to complain to her agency with or without evidence, but how seriously they take you will largely depend on how credible your evidence is.

Lawrence A Friedman

Lawrence A Friedman

Elder Law Attorney - Bridgewater, NJ

You haven't asked any question. Obviously, you will not endear yourself to the worker or agency if you make allegations against her, especially if she did nothing wrong.

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