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I have read the Utah Law regarding Expungment im still confused as to whether ill be eligible or not

Ogden, UT |

My record could be as follows, They all occured on separate occasions 1 Class A : forgery 2 Class B : DUIs 1 Class C : Simple assault. I say could be because i am going to see if Im eligible for a 502 reduction for the Class a , and the second DUI is still pending, would i be eligible for an expungment with the above possible record. And if i am ,how long would i have to wait to be eligible, would it be a standard 4 years for the class B (10 since its a dui) or would it go under the multiple catagory and i would have to wait longer. can i only apply for expungment only once or can i for each case after the waiting time expires, cause i want to get the forgery sealed asap,if i do, can i still get the DUIs expunged after their time period is up

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Expungements are very complicated and each case is unique, so you really should just go ahead and retain an attorney who handles a lot of expungement matters to give you the best chance of prevailing. We won't be able to give you any guarantees or specific answers in a forum like this.

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Ok, but the main question I have is that does Utah only allow you to expunge you cases once or can I go back and expunge each case at a different time


Consult with a local attorney for assistance.

This is not intended as legal advice. No attorney / client relationship exists because of this response.

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You can not get an expungement while cases are pending.

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