I have question for ethics or code of conduct lawyer.

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I am divorced and x took me back to court. She used a lawyer from the firm she works for. She has worked for this lawyer as a paralegal too. The lawyer has also been at functions for my daughters with my x. There is no a romantic relationship it is just friends. The lawyer is a women. X has also lied on court papers summited to the courts. Question is. Is there any code of ethics or conflict of interest that she can not use this lawyer and does she take any oath to be truthful to the courts.

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  1. Allan E Richardson

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    Answered . From the facts you gave, there is no conflict that would disqualify X's attorney. As to the second part of your inquiry, everyone who appears in court has an obligation to be truthful. If you have evidence that your X lied to the court, alert your attorney and let him handle it.

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  2. Jennifer L. Ellis


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    Answered . No reason that your ex cannot use the attorney. People who work at law firms often use the lawyers in those firms if they have need. If your ex lied on the papers you should tell your attorney who can investigate it. Yes, attorneys must be truthful to the courts.

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