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I have one violation on my interlock device in washington state. will this only be reported to the DOL, or does it mean court?

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i am a first-time offender with a DUI reduced to reckless driving. my license was suspended for 3 months and i chose to have an interlock installed (this was not court ordered) during my restriction as i live in a rural area and do not have access to public transportation. my sentence did not include abstaining from alcohol. this is the only startup violation i have incurred. i walked home and re-started it in the morning with a pass. i am wondering if i will end up in court, have to talk to a probation officer (i'm on unsupervised probation for 9 more months), or is this something that only gets reported to the DOL? i am waiting to hear back from the public defender who was assigned to me for my original case, but am very anxious and am wondering if anyone here can provide insight.

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  1. It will not get you back in court for your DUI probation since no conditions were imposed regarding an ignition interlock.
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  2. Courtwise you will be fine. It wasn't ordered and so you just have to deal with the DOL issues. Don't violate your conditions and comply with everything so that you can get out from under other peoples expectations of you so you can just live your life.

  3. Since you are not under court order to have the IID, it will not violate the conditions of your sentence and will not land you back in Court.

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