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I have not filed income taxes for the past three years. Who can I work with, besides the IRS, to get my past taxes sorted out ,

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My wife and I filed Chapt 7 bankruptcy in 2010. My practice went out as a result of the economic turn-down. We lost our house in 2011. I didn't have the money my accountant said I owed for my 2009 taxes and didn't file. The next couple of years I have worked contract in several different places and we have moved a couple of times as well. I have wanted to get this sorted because I now have a permanent position and we are once again stable in our living situation although my wife is noe ill.

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Sounds like you've had quite a journey. Glad things are now looking up but sorry to hear about your wife's illness. I believe your best bet is to sit down with a tax preparer (attorney of CPA would be best, cost is usually about the same in our experience) with all the information for 2009 and forward and get the situation sorted out. From your description, it sounds like there are several moving parts and also some potential past taxes that may be owed (which also means potential penalties and interest) so use a professional. Keep in mind that there are also a number of possibilities that could help to reduce, or even eliminate your tax liability from 2009 and forward. Too much detail for this forum but would be glad to discuss further if you'd like. And do it now, the longer you wait, the more difficult the task is and any penalties and interest will just increase, making the problem worse.

Good luck!

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You should meet with an experienced tax resolution attorney as soon as possible. It will be important to have a tax professional in place to protect your interests once these returns are filed and assessed. Many offer a free consultation and flat fees.

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You should definitely sit down with a Tax attorney. There is a lot of potential liability that an experience tax attorney can help you navigate. Office tel: (561)245-4723 Website: The answer provided does not create an attorney-client relationship, nor is the answer provided intended to be relied upon as legal advice. The information provided by the questioner is insufficient to serve as the basis for meaningful legal analysis. It is the questioner's responsibility to seek legal advice from an attorney who has had the opportunity to familiarize herself with the full details of the questioner's case. By providing these answers, I am not obligated to respond to any subsequent communication from the questioner. If the questioner would like me to serve as their legal counsel and render legal advice, they will have to sign a retainer agreement. The questioner is free to contact my office for a complimentary 30 minute consultation.


Even if you owe the IRS money for past years, it is better to file your return asap rather than wait. Seek a professional, not someone in a place advertizing tax returns with big refunds, to complete your back taxes and deal with the IRS. An attorney, CPA or EA would save you money and problems in the long run.


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