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I have my green card for 5 months and I am thinking about divorce. Will i lose my green card? Should I collect proof ofcheating?

Reno, NV |

I am married for about 11 months and I got my green card 5 moths ago and my husband has been cheating on me with a bunch of women. Should I save emails and what's app conversations? Would it help me in 2 years to renew my green card?

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Gather all evidence of a good faith marriage as well as your efforts to make the marriage work including evidence of infidelity to prove that the marriage was in good faith but did not work out. You can then file to lift the conditions on your own if you are divorced

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. if the marriage is over you can file for divorce. Save all proofs of the cheating, you will need it for your next case. Once divorced, you can file to remove conditions right away.

if you need some help, you can make an appt for a consultation.

Robert West

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Yes. Gather proof of cheating. Gather proof of good faith marriage as well. You can file the I-751 and ask for a good faith waiver (or other bases for waiver) at any time before the green card expires. You really should consult an imm attorney for this. I-751 waivers are not a walk in the park.

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All advise given by the attorneys before me is good. I just want to underline that your divorce has to be final before you can apply for a waiver. The good thing is that you live in Nevada, and here the divorce process is very fast. Hopefully, there are no children to create a custody fight and that there are no assets to be divided. If you have any one of those issues, the divorce can take a very long time.

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