I have multiple complaints of malpractice against a lawyer. Is it better to take him to small claims court or file a grievance?

Asked about 2 years ago - Lansing, MI

I have a pretty strong case against my lawyer. Malpractice claims include: being given false legal information, not discussing fees with me, inconsistent billing (for the same work) and billing for work not done, and asking me not to contact him when he still has my paperwork. I have not paid him that much money ($1500), but would like at least that money returned to me. Would I have better luck filing a grievance or taking him to small claims court? Can I do both?

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    Answered . Both likely.

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    Answered . You may do both. However, your case won't stay in small claims court since I would expect the lawyer to remove the case to the general jurisdiction of the district court and probably make a jury demand.

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    Answered . Potentially both. I would consult with an attorney that deals with Legal malpractice in your area to determine the best course of action.

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  4. Answered . You can certainly do both. Good luck.

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