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I have items in storage that I may not be able to retrieve or pay the storage. What are some options-

Bowie, MD |

so that the items don't go to people who I do not want to have them. Can I set up a ?trust? so somebody may retrieve them? Isn't the difference between a trust and a will is that a will can be tied up for years and a trust is immediate? Any other options?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Your question is perplexing. If you do not pay the storage fees or retrieve items from the storage unit, the storage unit facility will exercise its lien on the contents, and sell them. You have no control over the disposition of the items. The storage unit facility will sell them to the highest bidder, and in most states, it has the right to come after you for any deficiency.

  2. Are you current on your payments thus far and afraid you will not be able to make a future payment? If that is the case then I would simply call the storage company and ask if you could a friends name who could retrieve your property. He that friend go and remove the property before you cannot make payment and all will be well.

    If you have already missed payments and the storage company will not let you access your stuff it may be worth while to contact a manager and see if he will put you on a long-term payment plan. If you simply do not pay and do not show up they will likely auction your property away.

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