I have felony arrest warrant issued for failure to apper drug charge, no notice was recieved my 1st offence no record,not guilty

Asked over 3 years ago - Anaheim, CA

I am f/t student need to get new calendar date scheduled, no priors and cannot have this on record. Occupation in banking finance. Single parent with 1 special needs. Was passenger in car not registered to myself but i use frequently. Scholarships and finical aid at risk, unemployment just ended. What can i do? They took DNA sample when arrested, not informed i was being detained or arrested, no rights were given to me and was released on OR. i will request new court hearing on Monday, do I need to post bail now? I am completely broke and only caregiver and provider for my children.. Currently homeless due to domestic violence against ex who was convicted for DV and restraining order is active. what’s going to happen?

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  1. John M. Kaman


    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . Your question is unclear.

    If you were booked and released on OR (your promise to appear) you don't need to post bail. If you failed to appear on a felony drug charge it is highly unlikely that once arrested you would be released on OR. No one has to tell you you are under arrest and no rights have to be read unless there is going to be a custodial interrogation.

    Why are you asking for a new court date? To clear the warrrant or have you already done that?

  2. Robert Marshall Sanger

    Contributor Level 15

    Answered . You need to talk to a lawyer who will be represeting you in this matter. From what you said, you should qualify for the services of the Public Defender. If you have a question, you can call the local office and see if you can talk to the Attorney fo the Day.

    We cannot give legal advice here. For that you need someone who has all the information. But, if you were released on your own recognaziance and then did not appear, you would have a warrant out. You do need to take care of it. If you put this on calendar yourself, make sure you talk to the Public Defender before you do anything else. Hopefully she or he will be able to arrange for the warrant to be recalled since you have voluntarily put the case on and came in. But local practice varies so talk to the lawyer.

    Good luck!

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